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Refund Policy

Return & Refund Policy

Returns are the provision by the sellers under different categories where the option of return & refund is provided to you by the respective sellers. The return policy may not be the same for all the products under a different product category.  The product which is under the warranty period will be redirected to the service center, return & refund policies will not be eligible for such products. You can refer to the product page for the applicable return policy. 

Valid reasons to return an item 

  1. If the Delivered Product is damaged/defective (physically damaged or broken)

  2. If the Delivered Product is incorrect/incomplete (missing product or wrong product/ different from the product presented on website) 

  3. If the size of the fashion product doesn’t fit. (wrong/different size)

  4.  If the delivered product is no longer needed. (you have changed your mind about the purchase/ you do not like the product after opening the package)-eligible for selected products only. Please refer to the product page to check if the vendor accepts "change of mind" or not. 

Return & Refund Policy During Lockdown Period

During the Lockdown period, only essential products will be delivered. Returns will not be accepted for the orders received during the lockdown period excluding the cases where the damaged or expired products are delivered. And for the returns claimed before the lockdown period and are yet to be picked after claiming, those returns will be kept on hold until the lockdown period ends. It will be further processed after the lockdown period.

Return cycle & Pickup period 

The return request must be initiated within 7 days of product return cycle and for damaged/defective products the return request must be initiated within 3 days of receiving the product.. After the item has been picked up Baratodeal will quality check the product and based on the outcome will be processed for refund or notifying the customer on any issue encountered. 


Returns Pick-Up and Processing 

For returns, the address can only be changed if the pick up service is available at the new address. 

During pick-up, your product will be checked for the following conditions: 



Correct Product 

Product name/IMEI/ image/ brand/ serial number/ article number/ bar code should match and MRP tag should be undetached and clearly visible. 

Complete Product 

All in-the-box accessories (like remote control, Accessories/ its parts eg: lid or covers, sponge etc/starter kits, instruction manuals, chargers, headphones, etc.), freebies and combos (if any) should be present. 

Unused Product 

The product should be unused, unwashed, unsoiled, without any stains and with non-tampered quality check seals/return tags/warranty seals (wherever applicable). Before returning a Mobile/ Laptop/ Tablet, the device should be formatted and Screen Lock (Pin, Pattern or Fingerprint) must be disabled. iCloud lock must be disabled for Apple devices. 

Undamaged Product 

No any physical damage/ no any physical deformation of the product/ there should not be scratches/ the perishable goods should not be damaged/ no any tears or holes in any kind of fabric materials/ no any crack is breakage in any glasswares and transparent plastic materials or PVA plastic/ no any wires disconnections/ the electronic product should be functioning. 

Undamaged Packaging 

Product's original packaging/ box should be undamaged/the cover should not be torn/ the labelling and price tags should remain as it was before. 

GST Bill

Product should be returned with a GST bill if provided by the vendor. 

The field executive has the right to refuse to accept the return if any of the above conditions are not met. 

The refund will be processed once the product is picked and quality checked by 



The refund will be processed after the product is picked and quality checked by the QC Team. The refund time depends on the payment method which is mentioned below. 

Payment Method 

Refund Option 

Refund Time 

Cash on Delivery (CoD) 

Bank Deposit 

4-5 working days 

Baratodeal Voucher 


1-2 working days 

Card Payment 



Pay with VISA & Mastercard Net banking

To be credited to card 

7 working days

    Credit & Debit Card

To be credited to card 

7 working days 

services card

Fast Delivery

services card

Verified Sellers

services card

Secured Payment

services card

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