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Q1:How to apply discount coupon?

1. Click on the desired Product.

2. Select size, color (if required), and quantity. Click on “Add to Cart”.  After you are done with selecting the items, click on ‘Go to Cart’. 

3. Click on explore coupon to check available coupons. Then select the suitable coupon then click on Checkout. 

4. Select the shipping address and click to proceed to payment. 

5. Choose the desired Payment Method and click on review order. 

6. Then click on checkout and click yes to proceed to checkout and place an order.

Q2:What does the star means?

The no. of stars represents the satisfaction of the customer towards the products. 
Higher Stars= High Satisfaction 
Low Star= Low Satisfaction 
You can rate products with stars like these! 

Five Stars – I Love it ★★★★★  

Four Stars – I Like It ★★★★  

Three Stars – It’s OK ★★★  

Two Stars – I Don’t Like It ★★  

One Star-- I hate it     
Q3:How to track my order without login?

1. Go to website
2. Click on the TRACK ORDER on the top right at the side of Helpcenter.
3. Fill the blanks with the order id and email. 
4. Click on Track Your Order.

Q4:If my order is cancelled, will I get my coupon code back with my refunds?

Yes, if you place an order using a coupon code and the order is returned or canceled, you can contact us at live chat,However, the coupon validity will be the same as the original voucher so you can only use the voucher if it's still valid. 

Q5:How to check my refund status?

1. Login to Baratodeal from the website:

2. Click on My Account then click on Orders. The customer panel will open.  

3. On the left side, below My Account please click on the My returns.   

4. Customer return Panel will open where the related order id refund status will display on the right side 
or, Click on the view of the requested order id for full details of the return status. 

Q6:Are there any hidden costs or charges if I order from Baratodeal?

There are no hidden costs or charges when you order from All costs are 100% visible at the end of the checkout page. 

Q7:What are the shipping charges?

Shipping charges are the costs undertaken by our logistic partners to bring your ordered item to your location. Shipping charges are calculated based on your location and the weight of the product(s). 

The applicable shipping fee on your Order will be visible under the Order Summary before the Checkout Process.

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